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The AFP endeavoured to look at the contemporary Church from the orthodox point of view of classical Anglican Christianity, with the intention of being a voice for the renewal of traditional faith in the Canadian Church.

Ottawa's archaeological sites point to an indigenous population that lived there for centuries before Europeans discovered the area.The papers presented include the following topics: "Anglican Identity; A Retrospective Glance", "The Anglican Instruments of Communion: a Theological Approach", "Matters Essential and Indifferent in Sixteenth Century English Theology", "Let us thus think of the Trinity: Matters Essential and Matters Indifferent in Seventeenth Century English Theology", "Word and Books: A Discussion of the Importance of Education to Unity in Doctrine" and "The Prayer Book as Matrix of Unity". The topic was "Changing our Mind on Secularization". This conference explored the topic of the contemporary debate about sacred and secular in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Please note: Some copies of back issues of the Anglican Free Press are available on request, and some articles and editorials from back issues are available here through the AFP link on this website. Robertson's topic was "The Evil 'I': The transformation of evil in the Reformation and Enlightenment", and Dr. Neil Robertson, Father Christopher Snook, and The Rev'd Lisa Wang. At the conference, these five speakers addressed the subject of Justification and Sanctification, exploring the topic from a number of perspectives.This link contains the Editorial that was printed in the final AFP, as well as the message from the Chairman of the Board of St. ur publications address the important concerns and controversies facing the church today, including theological innovations, liturgical reform, Christian morality, the challenge of secularity, re-evangelizing of the Church, and other issues of faith. Peter Publications gives voice to a living Catholic and evangelical tradition within our contemporary Anglican Church, working for renewal as we move forward in this new century and new website also includes publications by Fr. Brandes' paper was called "Unpunishable and/so Unforgivable: Hannah Arendt on Radical Evil". The Biblical Job: Comfort, Righteousness, Holiness The 2013 Atlantic Theological Conference was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The topic was "The Biblical Job: Comfort, Righteousness, Holiness". The Book of Job raises many profound theological questions, which were addressed in the papers presented at this conference. The papers presented include "Justification and Sanctification in the Thought of St. Augustine", "Sanctification in Dante's Purgatorio", "A Reformation Account of Justification and Sanctification" and "Justification by Faith and Dynamic Equivalency: Pauline doctrine and the contemporary church". Robert Crouse poses questions with which the ensuing papers all in one way or another grapple: "Are we justified simply by God's merciful decree, in view of the infinite merit of Christ's sacrifice, or does our justification also imply some working of righteousness in our souls, whereby we freely co-operate in God's work for our salvation?

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