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I imagine the other women are looking at me behind my back. A self-confident person doesn't need to criticize like that. The power of beauty is a fascinating topic :) I know i am years late to the party and prbly nobody will read this but i have to get out a reaction to this somewhere.And then I need to say to myself: Actually it doesn't matter. How often have I met a overweight person that seemed just lazy and fat, but turned out to be a wonderfull person with good humour and with charisma? But if a person has a low self-esteem, his or her remarks tell a lot more about him than about me. I am a male and was sitting in male groups having this kind of conversation several times. I’ve been thinking about facebooking her.” “Yo, speaking of hot girls,” said Deep Voice, “I ran into Lydia at —” Another name of a place I didn’t recognize. I've been on trains and in restaurants and heard the exact same conversation between women just about money instead of looks. It seems as the author has made much ado about nothing. And these were just boys - barely out of high school.

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Which, in that misguided, flash of a moment, felt like a failing. I had a brief fantasy about turning around in my seat and saying something. “I don’t know, man,” another of the guys was saying now. They just haven't come of age yet with regard to relationships. Sometimes I wish could smack people with the not-often-referred-to, big-stick, of deeper thinking...

So these boys would like to be perfect, judge themselves and think, they are not perfect. Also even more vile ones, like straight up thrashing of overweight girls.

They can't cope with these feelings so they turn them to other people. I always felt uncomfortable in those situations and either pretended not to listen or distract to another topic, i wanted to avoid having to throw in my own obligatory derrogatory comment.

So i really felt sympathy for the author and her emotions.

But guess what, i unfortunately also happen to be on the unattractive side of maleness.

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